Texas 56, Oklahoma State 35

Even though I saw it with my own eyes, it's still hard to believe the Longhorns erased a four-touchdown deficit to not only beat, but totally decimate a nationally ranked Oklahoma State team last Saturday night. The last time I saw a comeback like that, George Castanza was flying to Ohio just to tell some guy that "the Jerkstore called and they're running out of you." An instant classic to be sure. There's just something about a really good comeback, it stays with you forever. Ask a Red Sox fan in 10 years what he remembers most about the 2004 baseball season and I promise you he'll say "coming back from 3 games down to beat the Yankees" long before he'll mention sweeping the Cards in the World Series. No doubt about it, there's just something about comebacks. There are any number of reasons why Longhorn fans will remember exactly where they were the night of the greatest comeback in Texas football history (and most will tell you they were there even if they weren't), but for me, it's because of the enormous pain I felt in the first half while the Horns were falling behind 35-7. Strange as that sounds, I've always believed you can never truly feel the highest of highs, unless you've felt the lowest of lows first. Yes, I know I have an amazing talent for stating the obvious and no, I'm not trying to break into the fortune cookie business. I'm just simply trying to make a point. So please allow me to expand upon my palpable theorem a little more with a little segment I like to call:


TX 0 - OSU 7 "Better pass the flask, I'm starting to 'stober' up."

TX 7 - OSU 7 "That's a relief, now if we could only get OSU to turn down the wattage on their uniforms. That clown Les Miles looks like he ought to be on the side of highway picking up trash."

TX 7 - OSU 14 "Touchdown Morency? What, did we just let the lead singer of Smiths score on us? What the 'fire-truck' is going on around here? How could we be losing. Oh, I know what's wrong...I forgot to pee in my lucky urinal. Let's hope there's a little piece of the pink cake left."

TX 7 - OSU 21 "For crying out loud, are we playing the Sooners again? Greg

Davis, quit coaching the Defense. I swear, I'm going to leave if the Horns don't turn this thing around right now. I mean it this time."

TX 7 - OSU 28 "Doh!"

TX 7 - OSU 35 "Dear Lord, I know that you are very busy and I haven't exactly been a regular at church lately, but if you could maybe do one of those 'Angels in the Outfield" things with the Horns and maybe help them play a little better, I'd really, really, REALLY APPRECIATE IT."

TX 14 - OSU 35 "Holy shitake mushrooms, there really is a God. AL-LE-LU-IA!!!"

TX 21 - OSU 35 "Can this really be happening? I can't watch. But then again, it's like the scrambled Spice channel, for some reason I can't look away. If only DJ and the defense can get a couple of 3 & Outs. Please, please, please."


TX 35 - OSU 35 "Damn, that Ramonce Taylor is so fast Jumbotron couldn't catch him. I love it, I love it, I love it. Can you feel that OSU, huh, can you? Yeah Cowboys, you mess with the bull, you get the Horns."

TX 42 - OSU 35 "Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Benson...he is trampling all the Cowboys and now the Horns are winnin'..."

TX 49 - OSU 35 I...like...football at DKR, the state with the Lone Star, hangin' with the Horns and...comeback wins...and Greg Davis, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!"

TX 56 - OSU 35 "Vince, you complete me. I am not worthy, I am not worthy. I do not believe what I just saw...the greatest comeback in the history of Texas football."


This Saturday, the Horns travel to Kansas to play a Jayhawk team that some how was good enough to beat K-State, yet sports a 1-5 record in the pathetic Big XII North Division. Um yeah, they're not...good. Regardless, I expect Coach Mangino to have his team fired up and ready to play but I don't see the Horns needing any miracle comebacks to pull this one out. Mack and the boys should have this one under control early. But for just how early, you'll have to check out the...


With apologies to Kansas (the rock group)...

Carry on Mangino son,

there'll be no pizza when you are gone,

Lay your weary chins to rest

Don't you eat no more

Texas - 48, B-Ball School - 3-Pointer


For those of you (Flying Longhorns) thinking about going up for the game (you can talk the talk, but can you rock the chalk) this weekend, I'd recommend Lawrence (Why, is he cute?). But be prepared for a bit of a hike (better call a Shirpa) as the KU campus is surprisingly hilly (and I don't just mean the coeds). Before the game, look for a bar (it's never too far) that looks like a little red house (no, it's not on fire) near campus. I think it's called "The Wheel" (give it a turn.) Otherwise, take a flask (Oh Captain, My Morgan), because I'm sure it's going to be cold (little nip in the air and on your breath).


"Tell me you didn't leave the OSU game early?"

"No, but I did start to walk out at halftime."

"Yeah, me too. Did that TD right before the half make you stay?"

"No, the Nachos did.


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