Who is 54b?

I am a former walk-on (like Rudy) for the University of Texas. While I was a member of the football team, I shared a number (54) with a scholarship player. So my "friends" started referring to me as "54b" - perhaps as a term of endearment or maybe they just ran out of fat jokes.

After my playing days ended (even tackling dummies lose eligibility), I began writing long-winded diatribes about Longhorn games as a way to cope with my obsession with Texas football. And of course I wanted everyone to share my elation after a big win or my pain after a loss, so I'd email these rants out to anyone who'd read them.

But a few words of caution, if you're looking for an X's and O's breakdown or the latest on recruiting, you're in the wrong place. I wasn't just a walk-on in football, I'm also one when it comes to writing about sports. But if you're a diehard fan of the burnt orange and want to know what it was like to be a Longhorn the week UT played...54b's Commentary might just be the good waste of time you're looking for.