Texas 43, Texas A&M 17

“Old RC Went Down To Austin” (Think Devil Went Down to Georgia)

Old RC went down to Austin
He was lookin' for a game to steal
His Aggies lost 3, had injuries
And he was looking to make a deal

When he came across this quarterback
Standing tall in the pocket and playing hot
Old RC walked out on Royal's field
And said, Boy let me tell you what

I know you may not know it,
But my team plays football too
And if you'd care to take a dare
I'll make a bet with you

Texas plays pretty good football, boy
But give RC's Aggies their due
I bet a chance to go to the Holiday bowl,
That my teams' better than you

The boy said My name's Chris Simms
And it might be a sin
'Cause I've thrown a lot of pics that I regret
But Mack's recruited the best there's ever been

Simms you loosen up your arm
So you can throw it again and again,
A&M's kicking off in the 3rd
And you'll be throwin' against the wind

And if you win
To California the Horns will go
But if you lose
It's back to the Alamo

The Aggies kicked off in the third,
As RC said I'll take the wind
And the Aggie fans came to their feet
As he sent the Wrecking crew in

And he put eight men in the box
His DB's in man-to-man
Then the Corp joined in and started to whoop
'Cuz they thought he was in command

I know something you don't Simms said
Your D ain't all that good, old son
So stand back by that bench right there
And let me show you how its done"


Williams on the reverse, run Roy run
Sloan's taking it to the house and having fun
BJ's faking the curl, he's on a hitch and go,
Simms pump just once, throw Chris throw....

Old RC looked down at the ground
Because he knew his Ags were beat
Then he made his way to mid-field
Where he and Simms would meet

Simms said RC, just come on back
If you ever want to try again
But I told you once, you son of a bitch
We got the best that's ever been



Under the title "Sometimes you don't get what you want, you get what you need", you will find 84,000 screaming Longhorn fans. We wanted a national championship, instead we got sidetracked in San Fran and derailed in Dallas. But with a 43-17 blow out and a all out showing of state supremacy, I'd say we got what we needed. And I'm sure every Aggie fan out there will tell you that Texas won because Jason Glen and Robert Ferguson injured themselves in the OU debacle that they, of course, should have won if only RC could coach. Well to all those poor Aggies, I say "boo f*cking hoo". Hell our starting quarterback just filed for disability and our back-up has thrown more touchdown passes to the opposing defense than he has to his own offense.

Speaking of our back-up quarterback, did Chris Simms answer the bell in the third or what? Under enormous pressure, he came out throwing B's and knocked the Aggies the fuck out - three touchdowns and 234 yards in one quarter alone (Oh and by the way, it was against the wind). By the time the dust settled, the scoreboard read 37-17 and the Aggie fan next to me didn't know whether to kiss his date or kiss my ass. Oh man, I love it when we beat the Aggies. And what else do we need to say about Roy Williams? If he stays healthy and stays in college, he could quite possibly be the best ever. Yeah, I said it, the best ever. He's got the size and the speed and he isn't a head case like Randy Moss. Plus, opposing defenses won't be able to double and triple team him because of two guys named BJ and Sloan. Props to both of them for having outstanding games as well. I'm not ready to name the Horns as national champs in 2001, but things are definitely better than they did six weeks ago in Dallas. Just keep your fingers crossed that we don't hear those dreaded words again, "co-starters". I don't even want to think about it because it's time tocelebrate because we're going to the.....


For all of you that would rather go pick cotton for the third straight year in a row, guess again. The best bowl games are not necessarily on New Years Day. Allow me to explain. The Cotton Bowl selects who they perceive to be the Big XII's #2 team and the SEC's #4 team. The Holiday Bowl, on the other hand, selects the Big XII's #3 team and the Pac 10's #2 team. Even Al Gore can do the math. This year the PAC 10's # 2 team is Oregon State, who are currently ranked 5th in the nation. They only have one loss, where as most of the teams that would qualify for the Cotton Bowl from the SEC have at least 3 or more losses and aren't even ranked in the Top 25. Even the Clampets knew California is the place you ought to be. Plus, I am intrigued by the number of directions my commentary could go knowing that we will probably be playing a team called the "beavers".


"What do you think of Ja'Mar Toombs?" - reporter

"When the game starts, he won't be an issue." - UT Linebacker

"What do you mean by that?" -reporter

"Well all you have to do is hit him in the mouth and he'll fold."- DD Lewis

Toombs had 53 yards on 13 carries and no touchdowns. DD Lewis had 8 tackles, 5 unassisted and 2 for loss.


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