Texas 46, Mizzou 12

"the orange poncho"

by 54beatnick

Dark cloud from the East-

pig slipping in the mud.

Tiger lurking...

sky getting darker,

Wind, rage, pain, Rain.

safe under the orange poncho.

"There once was a team from Missouri"

by Grand Master 54B

There once was a team from Missouri,

Whose tiger was not all that frisky,

They whimpered in pain,

as it was starting to rain,

Cuz their tiger was just a big pussy.


If you were unable to bare witness to the tropical depression that enveloped Royal-Memorial Stadium on Saturday and you want to see highlights from the game, I suggest you stuff your cat in a toilet and flush it. Of course 54b does not condone animal cruelty ? I was just trying to give the reader an accurate portrayal of what happened when the rain came and the Horns opened up a can of cat nip on those hair balls from Missouri. Holy shorted-out scoreboard beerman, Texas scored in the first quarter. Applewhite hit Roy "the golden child" Williams on a crossing pattern and the true frosh did the rest to end the reign of first quarter futility. Later in the second, Sloan Thomas got into the act with an over the defender's shoulder, one tippy toe in-bounds, tight rope catch for the Horn's second score. The Tigers pawed their way back however, burning the Texas secondary with the deep ball late in the second quarter. Defensive Back is quite possibly the most difficult position on the field but you have got to be able to defend the long ball. Darrel Royal used to say that 3 things can happen when you pass the ball and two of them are bad. Well when you pass against Texas, four things can happen and two of them are good and happen more often than they should - when you throw against Texas you'll either catch the ball or our DB will interfere with you. They have got to learn to go after the ball and not the man. Oh well, the harder it rained the tougher the Texas Defense got and by the end of the game the score was 46 to 12 and the Horns were one win closer to bowl eligibility. Kudos to the much maligned Hodges Mitchell for holding onto to the ball and leading the offense on a 99 yard drive and sparking the Horns to victory.


The Longhorns are now 5-2 and look pretty solid as long as they maintain their momentum and the defense keeps the opponent off the scoreboard in the first quarter. For some reason the Horns have not been able to just play. They're like an internal combustion engine that desperately needs that little spark to get started: Applewhite coming in against La-la, the cheap shot on Rogers against Houston, the long bomb to Williams against OSU, the first quarter fumble by CU and Hodges big run last Saturday. After these sparks the Horns were unbeatable and rolled on to huge winning margins. In both the Stanford and the OU games, there was never any real spark and no momentum. I don't know if this is just indicative of a young team or if these guys just need some better leadership. But if they don't learn to play from the get-go, the better teams are going to leave them in the dark with out a spark.


As far as I'm concerned, Baylor is a nice way of saying bye-week and I'm not even sure Al Gore's fuzzy math could configure the score of this week's game against the “Waco welcome mats.”


It's Parent's Weekend and the gang will be commiserating on the corner with their annual philanthropy project by setting up a shelter stocked with beer for coeds who get separated from their fathers. Just look for the sign, it reads "LOST AND POUND". Oh the benevolent are we.


"What do you think about the Horns' chances against the Tigers today"

"I don't know, they didn't look to good on Sega"


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