Texas 14, OU 63

"Mack Wasn't Right" by The Dixie Chicks

(Sung to the tune of “Earl had to die”)

Applewhite and Simms were the best of friends, all throughout two-a-days.

Both starters in the back of Mack's mind, both wantin' real bad to play.

After starting against the sooners Applewhite went out, lookin' for a place to hide.

Simms tried to stay calm when he got the call, but all he got was a Rocky ride.

Well it wasn't too long after OU got up, that the Horns started gettin' abused.

And many Longhorn fans just up and left, because they knew that they were going to lose.

Major finally got the nerve to complete a pass, can you believe the Horns actually scored.

But OU walked right back down the field, and put another seven up on the board.

Right away Mack took the blame for a very poor game, and he wouldn't be sleeping well that night...

Simms and Major got on the bus, there they sat side by side and it didn't tak'em long to decide...

That Mack wasn't right.

Incorrect Mack.

Co-starters, please...didn't sound all right to me, Mack.


Four years ago the Texas Longhorns were ranked 11th in the country when an up and coming team by the name of the UCLA Bruins came through Austin and destroyed all that was left of a Big XII Champion. Longhorn fans doubted that Texas would ever return to national prominence. At the end of the season the coach was fired and the fans got a shot of hope from Mack Brown, who restored their faith. Now that faith is being put to the ultimate test in the form of a 63-14 defeat at the hands of one of our most hated rivals. If you're looking for an explanation, don't, because there isn't one. A decade of Oklahoma frustration was unleashed on a Texas team that was unprepared to meet the onslaught. The only thing Mack Brown got right the whole day was that he was to blame. But even then he wasn't entirely right, those players need to be held accountable too. A sportswriter quipped that Brown should take the Horns off the helmets, a reference to Coach Barnet's threat at Colorado. As preposterous as it sounds, Mack better do something to make it real clear that representing the University of Texas is a privilege and playing like that is unacceptable.

With about a minute left in the game I started making my way to the exit with my head down. I guess it hurts too much to watch something you love so much, fall apart in front of your very eyes. As I approached the top of the steps I looked down and saw an old man with his wife huddled under a blanket watching the game to the bitter end. When I passed him he lifted his head up and looked me right the eye and said "OU still sucks!" I thought to myself "you're damn right they do". This guy had probably witnessed four times the number of TX-OU games that I had, four times the amount of joy, four times the pain and he wasn't giving up. What's the point of this hallmark moment, absolutely f*cking nothing. The Horns got destroyed and guess what, next week they might get destroyed again. Sooner or later they'll turn it around and if not, there's always next year. So when those sorry Sooner bastards are circling the chuck wagons and dragging you through the mud this week, just smile and say congratulations, we'll see you next year and guess what, "OU still sucks".

With that I am off to Boulder this weekend to witness the Horns start over with a win or mail it in. Personally, I think they're going to turn it around and Mack's going to put this team back on track. I'll go on record and say that I think Mack was wrong to try and play both quarterbacks thus far. But I also think he's made a lot of right decisions for this team. He has the tools and he's got the youth to weather this storm. The seasons not over, the Big XII Championship is still very attainable. And if not, there's always next year.


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