Texas 24, Nebraska 20

Here's Lou Bega with his hit song "MackBrown #5"

Jump up Horns Fans and clap yo hands,

Orange bloods gettin crazy, in the stands,

We got Kwame and Hodges and Applewhite's the leada,

We just beat the Huskers and the season's gettin' sweeta.

A little bit of Applewhite droppin back to pass,

A little bit of Crouch knocked on his ass,

A little bit of Kwame open all day long,

A little bit of Corso can't be wrong,

A little bit of M-Jones in the zone,

A little bit of Husker's going home,

A little bit of Nebraska in the can,

A little bit of 3-pete makes me a fan.

Do we feel good or what? Not since 1990 when the Horns upset the #3 ranked Houston Cougars, during a stop on the Shock the Nation tour, has there been such a monumental win in Austin. According to the "experts", on paper, Texas' chances of beating Nebraska were slim and none, and Slim left town. But as I always like to say, "the only thing paper's good for is wiping your ass, not predicting the outcome and that's why we play the game". Give Corso credit, while the rest of the analysts on Gameday had Nebraska winning in a romp, Lee donned our mascot's likeness, shot Herbstreet the horns, and said "Hold on my friend, Texas is going to win." And wouldn't you know it, win they did. Texas overcame several obstacles, including a 13-3 halftime deficit, to convincingly triumph 24-20 over the Cornhuskers and give the associated press a big shit burger to eat. The Texas defense was, in a word, awesome! Who's your daddy? Shaun Rogers, that's who. He and Casy Hampton made the vaunted offensive line of the Cornhuskers look more like corn niblets. The Longhorn's defense forced three fumbles (two in the red zone) and stopped Nebraska three times on 4th down, including breaking up a screen pass on 4th and 3 to end the Husker's hopes. Major lead the troops on a 21-point offensive outburst in the second half, which culminated with Mike Jones' improbable 15 yard catch and run to the endzone. He broke three tackles and many a Cornhusker's heart in doing so. After the game a reporter ask Mack Brown what he was thinking about when he was being carried off the field. Mack said, "this may be sick, but I was thinking about Iowa St". Hell yes, now that's a football coach. Just because you cleared the hill, doesn't mean you've crested the mountain. Texas is notorious for following a big win with a big letdown and this win over Nebraska will be all for not if the Longhorn's lose next week in Aimes. The weather is predicted to be below freezing and the Cyclones have played very tough at home. However, Mack will have his team's head right with ball and if the arctic temperatures don't wake the horns up, Iowa State's ridiculous uniforms certainly will. So bring on those red and yellow cy-clowns of Iowa St. That's right kids, next weekend we kick Ronald McDonald's happy ass all over Playland.

Prediction: “How's about it bub, who do ya think's gonna win this titanic mid-western clash - DAAAAA HORNS! Da Horns, Da Horns, Da Horns....but it's going to be close one eh!


Mathew McConaughey was arrested for drugs and resisting arrest last night. Something tells me we won't be seeing his sleeveless ass on the sideline ever again. On a lighter note, the Colorado Buffalo's extended Mathew an open invitation to float around their sideline at their next home game.


“I think Major Applewhite is really cute.” – My wife

“Yeah, I think the dorky-nerdy types are hot too.” – Her friend


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