Texas 28, Colorado 14

Oh, give me a home, where Bevo can roam,

Where the Horns make the Buffaloes pay,

Where Major plays QB and that's the last word,

And the Buffs can't get a first down all day.

Home, home at Folsom field,

Where the Horns make the Buffaloes pay,

Where the CU pom-squad is fat and not all that,

And Mack doesn't have to apologize all day.


While I'm sure many of you enjoyed the televised shootout in Waco (Baylor-A&M game, not FBI goes trick-or-treating at the compound), yours truly, 54b was sent on assignment to cover the Horns regain some self-respect against the Buffs in Boulder, Colorado. Where Ralphie the CU mascot ain't the only hairy thing walking around if you know what I mean. Two words about the Boulder women, grooming issues. This grape nut was passing out condoms on the street, he should have been handing out some of those lady bics, as if all those hairy asses weren't enough to make a guy want to abstain. Well at least there was plenty of other scenery to look at not to mention the weather was oh, perfect. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the ATO Travel Squad shows up: Joby, Derek, Nad, Prez, Barfly, Fung Tao, Eric and the anchor, the Bittaman. I could not have assembled a more incorrigible group of individuals if I had tried. They were the F-troop, A-team, dirty dozen, brat pack and meaty-cheesy boys all rolled into one lean, mean drinking machine. Let's just say they drank enough to put Golden, Colorado on ready alert. I heard Pete Coors had to take the brewery to Defcon 4. Thanks for the memories boys.


With CU's offense running about as well as one of John Denver's homemade airplanes, Texas took advantage with 13 first half points, should have been 28 by my count. The Longhorn Defense came to play. Craig Oochs, the freshman CU signal caller spent all day running for his life and when he did manage to throw the ball, it was either batted away or intercepted. Give this game to the defense.

On the other side of the ball, Applewhite and the two true freshman receivers looked brilliant at times. And when the CU secondary was busy with BJ and the Bandit, Major was finding a very wide open Mike Jones. However, the Horns were 4 for 17 on 3rd down conversions, 24% ain't too good. That's going to be a problem later on down the road. Speaking of problems, Mr. Hodges Mitchel is so good he keeps both teams in the game. He fumbled not once, but twice, both resulting in CU touchdowns. If not for those two blunders, I doubt seriously Colorado would have scored. However, with only a seven point lead and 5 minutes to go, Hodges caught a clutch 3rd down pass and turned it up for a 45 yard touchdown to seal the game.


After such a devastating loss last week, Longhorn fans were overjoyed to see the Buffs six game win streak come to an end and the Horns get back in the win column. In all reality, Texas beat a 1 and 4 team going no where fast. With no one of any real credibility left on the schedule and the hopes of returning to Big XII championship fading fast with another OU upset, we may finish 9-2 and still not crack the top 20. Stanford has proven to be horrible and the Oklahoma rout looms large on every sports writers mind. OU would have to lose twice and with only Nebraska left as any real threat it doesn't look likely. It's sad but it's true, the best Horns fans can hope for now, is probably another trip to the Cotton Bowl and that's if they win out. Another loss and it's good bye pride, hello Sun Bowl.


Let's hope the only thing Mack Brown apologizes for this week is beating the crap out of the Missouri Tigers. Look for Applewhite to start again and find a way to keep the issue in doubt until the 4th quarter. It's hard to get excited about these no brainers. 357 days until I feel better again.


"Gosh, those lolly pops are having all the fun" – My friend Joboo as two girls licking Tootsy-Roll Pops crossed our paths.


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