2001 Big XII Championship

“My Big XII Championship Mastercard Moment”

Two tickets in Suite 107 at Texas Stadium: $200

Food and Drinks for two: $40

Blue Parking Pass: $20

Waiting until the conference championship to figure out your starting quarterback doesn't have enough 1's on his jersey: PRICELESS!


When your mental well-being becomes dependent on the outcome of a football game, that's probably a pretty good sign it's time to find a new hobby. After watching the Longhorn's lose in devastating fashion to the Buffaloes Saturday night, I actually became physically ill. And while I don't discount the contributions made by the abundance of junk food consumed, I don't think the New England Journal of Health has ever listed a "Jumbo Chili-Cheese Dog" as a clinical cause for depression. Like many Longhorn fans, I've spent the last 48 hours trying in vain to figure out what happened to a season that, only days before, was pointed towards Pasadena and a possible date with destiny. Unfortunately, every time I look for an answer, I just find another question. Should Major Applewhite have been starting all along? Is Chris Simms just a name? Do the Longhorns lack heart? Is Mack Brown just a good recruiter? And why can't he win the big game? The questions are endless and even Chris Simms will tell you "he doesn't know what happened." Well I'll tell you what happened, Golden Boy threw three interceptions and fumbled away any and all hopes for a national championship. The question isn't so much what happened, but why did it happen. And the best answer I've heard this far is "it just wasn't meant to be." Well it's better than they're not as good as we thought they were anyway. But regardless of the reason and no matter what apologetic excuse Mack Brown can conjure up to appease the media and the masses, the fact of the matter is, Texas blew another golden opportunity and it hurts. It really, really hurts. And if it didn't, than it really would be "just a game."


As the last few seconds of the game and the season ticked off the clock on the Texas Stadium scoreboard, I sat back in disbelief and wondered what is to become of the Texas Longhorns. The quarterback every one loves and the guy who almost snatched victory from the jaws of defeat is graduating. The quarterback everyone loves to hate and the one who can't read a defense with a hooked on phonics tape is coming back. And to top it all off, the coach who could do no wrong all of sudden can do nothing right. Well despite the devastating loss and undoubtedly a "major" increase in fan apathy, the season isn't over. The Longhorns are headed to the Holiday Bowl to meet another team who's had some experience with a few crushing defeats this year, the Washington Huskies. Washington is 8-3 and currently ranked #20 in the polls. Certainly not the match-up everyone was hoping for, but a formidable opponent just the same. Next year starts on December 28th and if Mack Brown wants to get the quest for a national title back on track, he'll have to figure out a way to motivate a team who thinks it has nothing to play for. And before he can do that, he's going to have to decide....


If Mack wants to please the masses and get the media off his back, he'll start Applewhite. When you take into account Major's heroic efforts in the conference championship as well as his lofty achievements accumulated throughout his collegiate career, he becomes the obvious choice and deservedly so. But Darrell Royal once said you have to "Dance with the one that brung ya." Mack Brown tapped Simms to be the starter at the beginning of this year and if he wants a shot at the title next year, he's going to have to stay the course. Unpopular as that decision may be, Mack must allow Simms to regain his confidence as well as the respect of his teammates. The Holiday Bowl is by no means the national championship or even a BCS bowl for that matter, but it is a "big game" and one the Horns desperately need to win. Major is an overwhelming fan favorite but his day in the sun has long since past. Simms symbolizes the future and must be embraced. In my opinion, you give Chris the start, let him experience some success and then send the Major in to finish the game and provide closure on a record setting career.


Texas 49, Washington 48. Hey, it's the Holiday Bowl. It's always a high scoring affair. And who cares, nobody's going to be watching anyway!


The Holiday Bowl (who let the Huskies out?) will be played on Friday, December 28th (school night) at Qualcomm Stadium (sounds like a big phone booth) in San Diego. We (travel squad) were there last year, and despite losing to Oregon (nice hands), we had a pretty good time (you told your wife it was just ok). So if you're planning on visiting the Southern California area (dude) over the holidays, than I recommend you stay down town near the bay (hey Sailor) and within walking distance of the Gaslamp District (they'll leave the light on for you). Other popular sights include the zoo (bring some salt), the beaches at La Jolla (got poon floss?) and if you're up for it, Tiajuana (gringo getaway) is only a short drive away. One last bit of advice (sell Enron), leave for the game early as the freeways are usually jammed ("can't get off of the LA Freeway") on Friday afternoons. Enjoy the weather (watch for earthquakes) and bring us back a win (I'd settle for an "In and Out" Burger.)


"My life was ruined on Saturday night; it was one of the lowest points I can remember, even worse than when my last girlfriend dumped me in the 5th grade to go out with a 6th grader. I realize now that my life revolves around what this football team does, and that kind of lifestyle will get me killed early. Not to be too pessimistic, but my Burnt Orange glasses are off and I'm seeing pretty clearly."


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