Texas 34, TCU 13

How do Longhorns fans spell relief?


Well, yes, but the answer I was actually looking for is H-E-A-R-T.

As Longhorns fans, our expectations stay the same year after year, we expect to win every game and why not, We’re Texas. But let’s face it, the 2007 Texas Longhorns aren’t anywhere close to the 2005 team that won the title when it comes to leadership, experience, and overall talent. We have a young secondary that aren’t tall enough to ride most roller coasters, an O-Line that’s still playing musical chairs, and a QB that’s still trying to recover the touch that made him a household name last year.

And that’s okay because this year’s team still has the one thing that counts and in the second half last Saturday night when all hope (and the season) looked lost, Colt and the gang wore their hearts on their shoulder pads, and came back out with a vengeance scratching and clawing their way to a convincing 34-13 victory over a TCU team who had all but made their reservations for the Fiesta Bowl.

I don’t know what Coach Brown said to the team at halftime facing a 10-point deficit, a seemingly impenetrable Horned Frog defense, and a crew of referees looking to raise awareness about the social disease known as OPI (Offensive Pass Interference), but whatever he said, it worked. And as a fan you have to respect that and win or lose, if this Texas team continues to show the kind of heart they demonstrated in the second half against TCU, I’ll support them whole heartedly to the end (even if that’s a dead end with a cliff on the other side).

For those of you who weren’t at DKR last Saturday night to witness the Horns resuscitate their season and experience the overwhelming sense of relief in person, here’s another addition of...


0 – 0 All this purple in the stadium just makes you want to sing...Barney, take it away...

I love TCU
TCU loves UT
We used to be in the SWC
With a great big chug
And a beer from me to you
I hope we kick your ass like we used to.

0 – 7 Good feeling’s gone, we’ve changed our tune...

Torrey Stewart was a Horned Frog,
was NOT a good friend of mine.
Never saw him hiding out in the flat,
And now TCU’s kicking our behind

0 – 10 Little known fact: “At Texas, 3 things can happen when you throw the ball, and 4 of them aren’t good.” Gotta love the tip for a pick. Plus, if you act now, you get the added bonus of knowing that if UT hadn’t run an offensive play all half, we’d probably still be tied.

7 – 10 I guess I picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue, because I swear that ball just went right through the TCU defender and landed in Nate’s hands. Must have been Jonesing for a TD pretty hard.

10 – 10 Already the refs had made several questionable calls against the Horns and Mack had already used up his only challenge, yet the umpire reviewed Colt’s alleged fumble anyway and correctly overturned the call on the field. Hmmm, instant replay or instant repay, you be the judge.

17 – 10 First and goal inside the five-yard line and the answer to all of UT’s short yardage, smash mouth running problems is: Little Vondrell McGhee? I think I finally understand what they mean when they say, addition by subtraction.

20 – 10 If the game’s on the line and you’re faced with a crucial, nerve-racking 11-yard field goal, do you want anybody else kicking the ball but Ryan Bailey? I think not.

27 – 10 “Find out where the TCU punter is staying. Send over a bottle of bubbly with a bucket of ice and a card. Have it say, Tough break, get drunk on me. Use the bucket to ice down your foot. Regards, UT”

27 - 13 What kind of name is Manfredini...It’s Scotch/Romanian...That’s an odd combination...Well, so are his parents.

34 – 13 Jamaal’s 39-yard TD scamper makes me feel so good, I think I’ll starting singing again:

I...love...football at DKR,
the state with the Lone Star,
hangin' with the Horns and...
comeback wins...
and Greg Davis, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!

Yes, even Greg Davis is owed a golf clap for the adjustments he made in the second half. The Longhorn offense came out firing. Let's hope it doesn't take so long for the O to get going in the...

If I had to liken Central Florida to a college team from Texas, I’d probably say UTEP. Similar to the Miners, the Knights haven’t been a D1 football program all that long, but being located in a football factory state doesn’t hurt and with access to several talented players who get overlooked by the big state schools, it has allowed them to experience success quickly, qualify for some bowl games, and put some players in the NFL (Dante Culpepper probably the most notable). UCF is coached by none other than George O’Leary whose biggest claim to fame was being hired briefly by Notre Dame only to take it right in the rectory after admitting that he’d lied on his resume.

Anyway, he brings back 17 starters from a team that went 4-8 last year, but started off this year by beating NC State.

So what does all that add up to, I don’t know. I’d ask George, but I’m questioning whether or not he really was in Mu Alpha Theta. So I’ll take my chances with the...


Texas - 41
Knights Who Say Take A Knee - 17


Don’t you know I love a good road trip (They’re road-rageous). So I’m sad to report that I will not be making it to Orlando the home of Disney World (When you wish upon a bar, makes not difference where you are) for the first road game of the season (“Sorry, Rudy, maybe next time”). Fortunately, the game against the Knights (Sounds a like a sword fest) will be televised on ESPN2 (Don’t drop the Deuce) this Saturday and kick-off is slated for 2:30pm CST (Night-Knight Time). For those of you who are making the journey to the Sunshine State (“Mr. Wally, can you imagine if you got to Florida and it was closed?”), it should be quite an event (Well, isn’t that special) as this will be the first game ever played in the Knight’s new, 45,000-seat stadium (They used to play at Medieval Times). According to UCF’s football web site (www.knights-in-tights.com), there are “12,000 vehicular parking spaces around the stadium” (“Like anybody could know that”) and tailgating is encouraged on campus (Sounds like Camelots of fun). Plus, city and county ordinances regarding open-container laws on campus (Brown Paper Sack Vs. Board Of Education) will be “relaxed during tailgating hours” (Don’t think, just drink).


Someone please explain to me why A&M running back Javorski Lane is celebrating the Aggies narrow 3OT win over an unranked Fresno State team by reminding everyone of his penis envy for Texas. Perhaps he's not actually shooting the Horns down, rather unveiling the...

“Aggieland Shocker: None in the pink, two in the sheep.”



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