The Eyes Of Texas 2008 - Preview Guide

Dear Longhorns Fans I know, claim to know, or met at the bar last night...

Unfortunately, I have some somber news for you...I just returned from the doctor’s office where I had an EKG done, my blood pressure checked, and got tricked into turning my head and coughing for the 47th time (apparently I’ll still do anything for a lollipop)...anyway, according to my results, the doc says I have 36 days, two hours, and 22 minutes left before football season starts.

Like any diehard football fan, I demanded a second opinion. But it’s still true. And with Coach Schnellenberger stuck until late August at Trembling Bells, a rehab center for alcoholic mall store Santa’s, I don’t think they can move the opener against Florida Atlantic up any.

What to do, what to do...hey, I know, you could go out and buy The Eyes of Texas 2008, an incomparable preview guide for which my writing is featured prominently...or you could just keep watching baseball and running out of excuses to attend couples-wedding showers.

In all seriousness, I was honored to contribute again to an annual Texas football guide a friend of mine puts together. And if you’re looking for a great primer for the upcoming season, you may want to pick up a copy. It’s available at the UT Co-Op and numerous newsstands, major book retailers, grocery stores, Hastings Entertainment Stores, and Wal-Marts throughout Texas. For more about the book or to order a copy online, you can visit:


Please do not feel obligated to buy on my behalf, only if you’re looking for a good preview of the upcoming Texas football season.



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